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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Hi! My name is Brooke Lloyd and I'd like to call myself a writer. I've been writing songs and fictional stories since I was a little girl. As I grew up, I started indulging in writing down my thoughts and documenting random epiphanies that I had brought to realization. It started when I would go on the plane and the sound of white noise would carry throughout the cabin. I would start thinking and my thoughts wouldn't stop. Therefore, I had to start documenting these so-called "airplane thoughts". Ever since then, almost every week I record a new view and now I think it is time that I share it with the world or at least someone.


For me, writing is a wonderful outlet that I can use to get out all of the uncertainty that I am surrounded by in my daily life. I am not here to write about what makeup to use, what clothes to wear, or any of those superficial things (though those are the things that feed the media). I am here to answer questions that other people might have but never ask, or to ask my questions rhetorically and try to answer them myself. Because that is what we all do right, ask ourselves questions and try to think we can solve all of our own mysteries? There are so many ideas to be discovered and opinions to be made. That is what I am here for. 

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