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Growing Up

Hi whoever is reading this. It has been a while since I have written a blog. I have been away coming to this realization. I realize that I believe as we get older we finally come back to ourselves. Our childlike selves that always wanted to dream up some huge dream. Our childlike selves that had loads of ideas of what we could do with our time. Like talking to our stuffed animals or pretending to be teachers, or cutting our hair for fun. I think we start to come back to that child as we get older. But returning to that child can also mean returning to our childhood fears, our “traumas” as they are called nowadays. Feeling left out at school. No one waiting for you to tie your shoe. Whatever your childhood traumas were.

I have had the blessing of reopening those parts of myself. They have come out in anger, in sadness, in my relationship, in my friendships. But I am grateful for that. I am glad that I am in the process of coming back to my childhood self. That is now the end goal. To make peace with ourselves and to be playful. We can’t evolve if we do not do this.

I’ve been watching the show Better Things and while I have had the blessing of coming to terms with my childhood fears and “traumas”, while also discovering them, I have finally come to that actuality. That eventually, we always come back to ourselves. It is a journey. And now I see it. Anyway, go watch the show Better Things, oh and also my new favorite song right now is “Virginia Beach”. Go listen to the new Drake album if you haven’t. He’s my fav.

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