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Trained incapacity is the concept of one’s past experiences training them to regard a certain mindset around a certain thing or topic, and it interferes with trying to create a new one. For example, one becomes incapable of thinking in a new way due to limitations in their trained incapacity. Is the way we see and interpret language only due to our trained incapacity? Or is it due to our mindset affiliated with that trained incapacity? The real question I am trying to figure out is if our mindset can be changed to disregard our trained incapacity. Sometimes, our trained incapacities go unnoticed by ourselves. I hate the word lunch, and it triggers me. Why? I have no idea. It became a trained incapacity for me to dislike the word lunch and feel a sudden trigger when I hear the word. Other times, we are completely aware of the experience that has caused our orientation surrounding a topic. My point is, trained incapacities that we hold sacred can go as far back as stemming from our childhood.

Can we re-alter our thinking in a desperate time when it is needed, or do our trained feelings prohibit us from doing that? I sometimes, almost frequently, am presented with a situation that needs my immediate re-altering of my thinking in order for the conversation not to elevate into something more such as anger. For example, someone says something that triggers me, and this is because of a trained incapacity I have. In this situation, I am forced to see the other person's perspective, take notice that they are not aware of my trained incapacity or trigger, and try to use Rogerian Rhetoric to allow the conversation to stay civil. Rogerian Rhetoric is when you drop your weapon and only allow yourself to listen to the other person speaking when conversing or in an argument. Such situations where you might want to allow yourself to do this are when someone does something unpredictable (to your knowledge). A lot of times, deep trauma that you might not even notice can stem from being sensitive to people’s unpredictable behaviors. In this situation, you have to understand that what is unpredictable to you, may just be a slight behavior change for the other person due to mood changes, being tired, or whatever it is that has impacted their day. All personalities are always changing, we are always evolving as people, and there are no set personalities due to the fact that our environments and knowledge are always changing. Keep this all in mind. It is key in this world.

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