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Today is my birthday—the big two zero. I am entering my twenties now. There are going to be so many new opportunities, new people, and most of all new things to learn. We never really stop learning. While I have not loved my college experience I have learned to accept it as a learning experience, and of course somewhere where I can get my music released. 

One thing I am learning right now (and kind of torn on) is how to accept things as they are, and stop setting your expectations so high. This is hard for me as I have always been a go-getter and try to make my life as beautiful as possible. I love flowers, I love to dress up, I love to listen to music that fits the mood of my day, and so on. In this world, I feel that it is hard to find people with the same understanding of how important certain days, nights, gestures or words are. I am honestly getting tired of asking for what I want so I am taking it back a notch and accepting what I get. Is it wrong to want more though?

Is it wrong to want grand gestures and more meaningful words? Is it wrong to want more in-depth conversations and late nights sharing stories? They say not to set expectations so high, but how do you hold yourself in the same regard if you do not get it back? These are questions I ask myself now as I enter my twenties. It’s important to learn what you want and need as you get older so that you can let go of the old to make room for the new. Anyways, I hope I can learn to accept what I get and don’t get upset. 

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